Holistic Coaching
For The Health You Deserve

Where I Can Help You

Losing weight, Eating a healthier diet, Exercising consistently, Getting better sleep, Stress management, and more

How I Will Help You

You want someone who understands that health is more than just physical. I take into account your emotional, social, and spiritual health too.

What I Do To Help You

I build upon your unique strengths and how you work best. I prepare you for success and hold you accountable for completing specific, measurable goals.

About Me

I'm a Duke trained physician (Ob/Gyn) and integrative health coach who is an expert in helping women reach their best health and wellness. I'll be the advocate, collaborator, accountability partner, and trusted confidant you need to help you TAKE ACTION and REALIZE YOUR DREAMS.  

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My Services

I offer one on one coaching that can be done from anywhere in the world. It's important that you feel comfortable with me as a coach. So I offer a free 30 minute consultation to help you decide. Contact me to schedule. I also offer business consulting and public speaking services.

What Is Integrative Health Coaching?


This is NOT like other methods you've tried. It's holistic, individualized, and based on science.

My Coaching Process

Get all the details you need about my coaching methods.

Coaching vs. Psychotherapy

Integrative health coaching is not psychotherapy.

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Your Best Health and Wellness?