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I'm Dr. Nicole Calloway Rankins.

I'm a board certified ob/gyn physician who's helped hundreds of women bring their babies into this world. I'm here to make sure you're knowledgeable, prepared, confident and empowered to have your best pregnancy and birth.


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dr. rankins is here to help!

If you're wondering what to expect and want some modern day advice, I've got lots of ways to help you be knowledgeable, prepared, confident and empowered during your pregnancy and birth.

PODCAST: You'll love the highly rated “All About Pregnancy & Birth” podcast! Every week I review topics, share birth stories, or interview experts to help you have your very best pregnancy and birth. Listen in the car, while doing laundry, or on a walk! 

BIRTH PLAN: Check out my free online class on how to make a birth plan. You’ll get an easy step-by-step process to follow and key information you must know before you write a single word of your birth plan. Women LOVE this!

BIRTH CLASS: Childbirth education is a must if you want to be prepared for your birth. Check out my amazing signature online childbirth education class The Birth Preparation Course. You'll get comprehensive, evidence based information about the entire birth process, from getting in the right mindset to the details of labor to the postpartum period and everything in between. 


Great resource!

I’m glad I discovered this podcast at 22 weeks pregnant! Dr. Rankins is knowledgeable and so are her guests. Listening to this show is like getting reassuring advice from a friend.


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SO helpful

This is a great podcast! The information presented is super helpful and easy to understand. It’s good info from a doctor who seems very relatable and real! I highly recommend!


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Finally an OB that gets it. Refreshing, informative, and easy to listen to. Love it! Also, I am a birth & postpartum doula that will be suggesting this podcast to their clients. Keep it up!


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how dr. rankins can help you

thinking about making a BIRTH PLAN?

I'll be honest. Most of the free birth plans out there suck. My free one hour webinar will teach you how to make a birth plan that helps you have an amazing experience giving birth.

don't risk it. you need childbirth education.

IF YOU’RE NOT EDUCATED AND PREPARED TO ADVOCATE FOR YOURSELF, YOU RISK NOT HAVE THE BIRTH EXPERIENCE YOU WANT. Enroll in my online childbirth education class to get yourself ready.

Get a free guide to help you manage labor pain!

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Make A Birth Plan That Works! (updated for coronavirus)