Women's Wellness Coaching by Dr. Nicole Calloway Rankins

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Hi there!

I'm Nicole. I'm an ob/gyn physician and certified health coach. I'm passionate about helping women have healthy births and healthy lives!

My online Birth Preparation Course uses a holistic, science based approach to help women be prepared, knowledgeable, confident, and empowered to give birth. It's perfect if you're planning a vaginal birth in the hospital.

And what's a key component to having a healthy birth? Being in the best health you can before, during and between pregnancies. As a certified integrative health coach, I help women develop the lifestyle habits they need to live healthy and well at all stages of life.

 Abby C. 



Nicole Rankins is wonderful. She helped provide me with a deeper insight into health and wellness. She pushes you to find your strengths. She helps build on these strengths giving you the tools and resources to make sure that this experience is a success. Thank you Nicole for giving me a positive and awesome experience! Your compassion for people shows in what you do!

how can i help you?

birth PREPARATION course

If you're planning a vaginal birth in the hospital, my course is exactly what you need to prepare you for your best birth experience.


My personalized health coaching program uses a holistic approach to help you build healthy lifestyle habits like eating better, reducing stress, and exercising more.


I give dynamic, interactive presentations that leave participants with concrete ways to improve pregnancies, births, health, and well being.

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