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Hello! I'm Nicole. I'm a wife, mother to 2 girls, an ob/gyn physician, and integrative health coach.  I'm here to help women like you have a healthy birth and healthy life!

how i got here

Have you ever stayed in a situation even though you knew in your heart it wasn't working? That was me.

I started out in medicine with big plans to combine patient care and research. But truth be told it didn't go so well. I spent 7 years trying to do research and I was pretty miserable. Focusing on research turned out not to be the best use of my talents.

I wasn’t happy in my clinical practice either. I was getting increasingly frustrated with what has become a common practice in medicine - pressuring physicians to see more patients in less time.

So what finally pushed me to make a change? A really difficult meeting with my boss. Like leaving in tears difficult. To be fair, my boss wasn’t mean. The reality of how things weren’t working just hit me pretty hard. But as is often true with "failure", the experience turned out to be just what I needed.

I'm fortunate that soon after that painful meeting, I learned about what has turned out to be the perfect job for me (see "Do I Still Practice Medicine" below). I also decided to become a certified integrative health coach. My health coaching training taught me how to use a holistic, evidence based approach to help women make positive lasting changes to their health. 

Now I've combined my knowledge and experience as an ob/gyn physician with my training as a health coach, and created resources to help you get ready for one of the most important days of your life - your baby's birth. 

How I can Help You

I'm here to serve you by providing holistic, evidence-based information to help you have a healthy birth and healthy life.

Thinking About Making A Birth Plan?

Do you want a birth plan that actually works to help you have the birth experience you want? Then check out my free one hour mini-course "How To Make Your Birth Plan So You Can Have An Amazing Experience Giving Birth". You'll learn:

  • Two of the MOST INFLUENTIAL factors in your birth experience
  • Four tips on how to APPROACH making a birth plan
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    Four tips on how to APPROACH making a birth plan
  • check
    Three additional questions to ask if you want an UNMEDICATED (a.k.a. “natural”) birth
  • Four tips to get people to PAY ATTENTION to your birth plan
  • What to INCLUDE in a birth plan

Grab your spot in the free mini-course here.

Want Help Getting Prepared To Give Birth?

Let me ask you this.....do you plan to give birth in the hospital? If you do I bet you're concerned about: 

  • Feeling calm and at peace during your birth by having the right mindset and the right people to support you
  • Making sure you're knowledgeable about all the details of labor so you know what to expect
  • check
    Getting ready for the postpartum period so you're able to focus on enjoying your baby
  • check
    Learning how to effectively communicate your birth wishes to your care providers

If this sounds like you then take a look at my Online Birth Prepara​​​​tion Course. This course will help you do all those things and more. With this course you'll be knowledgeable, prepared, confident and empowered to have the birth experience you desire.

my education and training

  • Duke Integrative Health Coaching Professional Training Program, Certified Integrative health Coach
  • Master of Public Health (MPH), The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency Training, Duke University Medical Center, Administrative Chief Resident
  • play
    Doctor of Medicine (MD), Eastern Virginia Medical School, Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society
  • play
    Bachelor of Science (BS), Mechanical Engineering, North Carolina A&T State University, Top 10 in School of Engineering
  • play
    Bachelor of Science (BS), Mathematics, Spelman College, Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa
  • Master of Public Health (MPH), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • do i still practice medicine?

    I sure do! I work as an ob/gyn hospitalist. Most of my clinical time is spent on labor and delivery, helping women bring life into this world. I absolutely love it and am a passionate advocate for helping women like you have a safe and fulfilling experience giving birth. I also volunteer at a clinic where I provide free care to low income women who don't have health insurance.

    5 facts about me

    1. In 2007 my first daughter was born 8 weeks premature. She had an intestinal malformation called duodenal atresia that required surgery. She spent 1 month in the NICU. She's perfectly healthy now :).
    2. I. LOVE. HGTV. My favorite show is House Hunters.
    3. I’m a big podcast fan.  Some of my favorites are This American Life (and its spin offs), several from Gimlet Media, and a few business podcasts.
    4. When I was in college I studied abroad for a year in Kenya. On my way back home I visited Egypt. It's impossible to describe what it's like to go on safari and see ancient ruins in person.
    5. I love hoop earrings (of all sizes!) and hate eye makeup (something about having stuff on my eyes is awkward for me...). 

    check me out on the following podcasts

    Listen in to learn about tips for a great birth experience (delayed cord clamping is important!), what it's really like to deliver babies (sometimes poop is involved), and health coaching. Three of these shows were named new and noteworthy podcasts in iTunes.

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