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Most Women Don’t Need An Episiotomy

This post on episiotomy originally appeared on KevinMD is “social media’s leading physician voice” with over 3 million monthly page views, and over 250,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter. I have been an ob/gyn hospitalist at a busy suburban community hospital for almost one year. I truly love my job. However, I’ve noticed something […]

How You Can Get Healthy Habits

Hi! I’m Nicole. I’m a practicing ob/gyn physician and certified integrative health coach. I don’t need to tell you how important it is to have healthy lifestyle habits. You already know that healthy eating, regular exercise, low stress, and good sleep are beneficial for your health. But you also know how hard it can be to […]

Mindfulness For Kids

mindfulness for kids

Mindfulness is simply focusing your awareness in the present moment. I’ve written about how beneficial mindfulness is for adults, and gave some tips on how to introduce mindfulness into your life. Well mindfulness is not only good for adults, mindfulness is good for our kids too!COGNITIVE BENEFITSSeveral studies have shown that your child may perform […]

Learn True Health Podcast Appearance

Ashley James focuses on naturopathic medicine, but she is open to bringing her podcast listeners the best information, no matter the source! Here is a link to our episode and below is Ashley’s take on our chat. Head over to her website and check out her show (a New and Noteworthy podcast in iTunes)! Enjoy! Who can help […]

The What, Why, and How of Mindfulness


Mindfulness is all the rage these days, with everyone from celebrities to athletes to business leaders touting its benefits. But what exactly is mindfulness? What’s so good about it? And how do you make it a regular part of your life?what is mindfulness?Mindfulness may seem mysterious, “woo-woo” or complicated, but it’s not. It simply means focusing […]

Mama Bear Dares Podcast Appearance

I had a magnificent time talking to Leslie and Tesi, from The Mama Bear Dares Podcast. You will not regret taking a moment to check out their show (a New and Noteworthy podcast in iTunes)! Here’s a link to our episode and below is their synopsis of our chat. Enjoy! On Episode 70 of the Mama Bear Dares podcast, […]

Shameless Mom Academy Podcast Appearance

I had such an awesome time talking with Sara Dean, creator of The Shameless Mom Academy Podcast. You should definitely take a moment and check out her show (a New and Noteworthy podcast in iTunes)! Here’s a link to our episode and below is Sara’s synopsis of our chat. Enjoy! 56: Nicole Rankins: OBGYN Integrative Health CoachI […]

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