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Ep 38: Rachael’s Birth Story: Preparing for An Amazing Unmedicated Hospital Birth

by Dr. Nicole Calloway RankinsEpisode #38: Rachael’s Birth Story – Preparing For An Amazing Unmedicated Hospital Birth Contractions can be scary, especially when you’re a first-time mom. And I’ll be honest, pain during labor can be intense. That’s why understanding the process of labor and delivery is very important and empowering.In today’s birth story episode, […]

Ep 35: Tomeka’s Birth Story and Her Experience with Preeclampsia

by Dr. Nicole Calloway Rankins Episode #35: Tomeka’s birth story and her experience with preeclampsia Disclaimer: Before you click the play button, I just want to give you a disclaimer that today’s episode is a birth story involving stillbirth. If you’re not comfortable with this topic, then you may want to skip this episode. Preeclampsia […]

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