Ep 36: All About Pre-Eclampsia and What You Need to Know to Reduce Your Chances Of Getting It – The All About Pregnancy & Birth Podcast with Dr. Nicole C. Rankins
by Dr. Nicole Calloway Rankins

Episode #36: All About pre-eclampsia and what you need to know to reduce your chances of getting it with Dr. Cecily Clark-Ganheart

Have you ever heard about pre-eclampsia?

Being informed about what pre-eclampsia is - how to spot it, and how to avoid it - gives you the power to help ensure you and your baby are healthy and well.

Dr. Cecily Anne Clark-Ganheart, MD, FACOG joins me on this episode of the podcast to educate us about pre-eclampsia so that you can better advocate for yourself during your pregnancy.

Ensuring you and your baby’s health is your, as well as your doctors, #1 priority. Having pre-eclampsia may be a bit scary but being informed and asking your doctor the right questions will help ensure that this condition is taken care of as soon as it appears (if it appears). Or better yet, maybe even prevent it from occurring in the first place!

About Dr. Cecily Anne Clark-Ganheart, MD, FACOG:
Dr. Cecily Anne Clark-Ganheart, MD, FACOG, is a maternal-fetal medicine physician which is also known as a high-risk obstetrician, or perinatologist. She works with women who have a high-risk condition or have a baby who is high-risk.

She also works with overweight women who are interested in conceiving to help them lose weight and maximize their health and improve their pregnancy outcomes.

In This Episode You'll Learn About: 

  • How important it is to maximize your health prior to pregnancy
  • What is pre-eclampsia
  • Symptoms of pre-eclampsia
  • Difference between gestational hypertension and pre-eclampsia
  • HELLP Syndrome
  • Problems pre-eclampsia can cause for moms and babies
  • How to advocate for yourself
  • The risk factors for pre-eclampsia
  • Signs and symptoms of pre-eclampsia
  • How to reduce the chances of developing pre-eclampsia

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