Ep 51: Preparing for Postpartum Life, Relationships, and Mental Health with Dr. Alyssa Berlin – All About Pregnancy and Birth Podcast
by Dr. Nicole Calloway Rankins

Episode #51: Preparing for Postpartum Life, Relationships, and Mental Health with Dr. Alyssa Berlin 

So many parents prepare a lot for their pregnancy and birth, but don't think much about how they are going to handle the postpartum transition period. Health professionals are guilty of this, too. We don't do enough to prepare parents for all the changes they are going to experience after their baby arrives: mentally, emotionally, physically, and in their relationships.

Here to talk with us today about easing that transition into parenthood is Dr. Alyssa Berlin. Dr. Berlin is a clinical psychologist who specializes in pregnancy, the postpartum period, and birth trauma. She and her husband Dr. Elliot Berlin (who was on the podcast a few episodes ago) run a prenatal and family wellness practice in Los Angeles. 

In this episode we're focusing on perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs) that can affect new parents. Dr. Berlin and I talk about what to look out for, why PMADs are so common, and how we can help each other and ourselves through the postpartum transition.

Dr. Berlin shares tons of practical tips for staying connected with your partner throughout this process, how to find help if you need it, and why she is such a big believer in preparing for all the changes you're going to experience.

In this Episode, You’ll Learn About:

  • What perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs) are, who they affect, and what some of their symptoms are.
  • What you should do if you think you're having trouble with mood or anxiety after your baby arrives
  • How Dr. Berlin treats parents with PMADs and helps them reconnect with each other
  • Why we need to draw on the resources around us - family, friends, professionals, and partners - when we're having a hard time in the postpartum transition period
  • The importance of preparing for the postpartum period and the many changes it will bring
  • Why therapy can be an especially great tool for dealing with the traumas that can be triggered or occur during the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum periods
  • How to put your relationship with your partner front and center and why this is ultimately great for your baby, too

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