Ep 53: What You Need to Know About Getting Vaccinated Before and During Your Pregnancy – All About Pregnancy and Birth Podcast
by Dr. Nicole Calloway Rankins

Episode #53: What You Need to Know About Getting Vaccinated Before and During Your Pregnancy 

A lot of soon-to-be moms aren't sure what vaccinations they should (or shouldn't) get during pregnancy, if any. I know there are a lot of questions and misconceptions about immunization generally, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to do a deep dive into vaccines and pregnancy.

There is a key difference between inactive and live vaccines, and the live kind are never recommended during pregnancy. In fact, there are only two immunizations that are definitely recommended during pregnancy; otherwise, you should try to be up to date before you get pregnant, or wait until after you've given birth to get vaccinated.

Today I'll tell you what immunizations you should get before getting pregnant, which ones you should not get while pregnant, and some of the effects that these preventable diseases can have on mom and her developing baby if she doesn't get vaccinated.

Don't forget about your flu shot, either - I did a whole episode on why you should get your flu shot during pregnancy, too! And if you  have any questions, come join us in the All About Pregnancy and Birth Facebook Group.

In this Episode, You’ll Learn About:

  • Why immunizations are such an important part of a healthy pregnancy
  • How safe vaccinations are and what to keep in mind before getting any new immunizations
  • How the body produces antibodies and passes them along to your baby
  • Why it's such a good idea to get your MMR and Varicella (chicken pox) vaccines before you get pregnant
  • Some of the effects that measles, mumps, rubella, and varicella can have on mom and baby during pregnancy
  • Why moms should get the TDAP (tetanus, diphtheria, and acellular pertussis) during pregnancy

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