Ep 57: Using the Bloom Method to Prepare Physically for Birth and Postpartum Healing with Brooke Cates – All About Pregnancy and Birth Podcast
by Dr. Nicole Calloway Rankins

Episode #57: Preparing Physically for Birth & Postpartum Healing with Brooke Cates from The Bloom Method

We talk a lot on the podcast about preparing for your birth, and usually that revolves around preparing mentally. We're diving into another aspect of birth preparation today though, and we're focusing on how you can prepare both physically and mentally for your birth and for the postpartum healing process.

Brooke Cates is the founder of the Bloom Method, which empowers expecting and postnatal moms with smart, safe and effective education and workouts. The method works to prepare mothers for birth, prevent and heal injury-based Diastasis Recti and common pelvic floor injuries, and help moms re-strengthen themselves postpartum. 

Brooke and I talk about her experience working with expecting moms and how she helps people prepare physically for labor. We also talk about why diaphragmatic breathing is such a powerful tool for labor and beyond.

We then chat about the postpartum period and why it's so important to give yourself time to heal before leaping right back into the workouts you enjoyed before pregnancy. Brooke also shares who the Bloom Method is a good fit for and how her own pregnancy affected her work.

In this Episode, You’ll Learn About:

  • How Brooke became interested in working with mothers on the physical aspects of pregnancy and labor.
  • What the Bloom Method aims to do for expecting and postpartum moms.
  • Why preparing physically for your birth can be so empowering. 
  • What diaphragmatic breathing is and how it can help you during labor.
  • Brooke's two favorite tips for expecting moms who want to prepare their bodies for birth.
  • Why women shouldn't rush to be out of the postpartum period.
  • How giving birth allowed Brooke to experience her teachings firsthand.

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