Ep 75: Benefits Risks and Ethical Considerations of Newborn Male Circumcision – All About Pregnancy and Birth Podcast
by Dr. Nicole Calloway Rankins

Episode #75: Benefits,Risks and ethical considerations of Newborn Male Circumcision

I have received quite a few requests to talk about newborn male circumcision on the podcast, so in this episode I'm walking through what circumcision is, the benefits and risks of the procedure, and the reasons why some families might decide to have this elective procedure performed on their babies.

Newborn male circumcision has been the norm in the United States for a while, but is on the decline. There are a lot of opinions about circumcision out there, so this can sometimes be a controversial topic. 

In this episode, you'll learn about different tools and techniques for circumcision, which medical providers perform circumcisions, and the circumstances in which your provider may recommend against circumcision for your newborn son. There are also some ethical questions you may want to consider before choosing to have your baby circumcised, so I talk about those too. And I share a little bit about how my own thinking around this procedure has changed over time. 

In this Episode, You’ll Learn About:

  • What circumcision is and why it is considered an elective procedure rather than a necessary one
  • Some of the health and social reasons why some families choose circumcision for their sons
  • The medical and health risks, benefits, and potential complications associated with newborn circumcision
  • Which medical providers are trained to perform circumcisions and what techniques they may use
  • Reasons why a medical provider may recommend against newborn circumcision
  • Ethical questions about circumcision to consider
  • My thoughts on circumcision, from the perspective of a provider and from the perspective of a parent

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DOC - July 9, 2020 Reply

Very impressed with your discussion of the ethical considerations.

-A very angry man who was cut as a baby

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