Everything You Need To Know About Feeling Your Baby Move [VIDEO] – Dr. Nicole C. Rankins

Everything You Need To Know About Feeling Your Baby Move [VIDEO]

Feeling my baby move was THE BEST part of pregnancy! (In actuality it was the only thing I liked about being pregnant)

Watch this video to learn everything you need to know about feeling YOUR baby move!

You’ll understand:

  • When you should expect to start feeling your baby move
  • How often you should expect to feel your baby move
  • When you should get concerned about your baby’s movement and what to do about it if you’re concerned
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Mandy - February 26, 2019 Reply

Hi:) just wondering if it is true that just like us (adults) there are days that babies are just a bit more quiet/tired and tend to laze about a little more?
Some days i get worried because the movements seem less ‘powerful’ and less in number, and then the next day they seem to be exploring every corner of their home?

    Nicole Calloway Rankins - February 26, 2019 Reply

    Hi Mandy! Great question. Yes it is true that movement can vary from day to day just like adults. They also have sleep cycles as well where they may not move as much. But if you’re ever concerned definitely give your doctor or midwife a call!

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