Do You Want Healthy Lifestyle Habits?

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Hi! I’m Nicole (that's me in the photo). I’m a practicing ob/gyn physician and certified health and wellness coach.


I don’t need to tell you how important it is to have healthy lifestyle habits. You already know that healthy eating, regular exercise, low stress, and good sleep are beneficial for your health. But you also know how hard it can be to make these habits a regular part of your life.



I’d love to share some FREE info to help you build healthy lifestyle habits. Click in the pink box below to get “6 Steps to Build Healthy Habits Now!”. The free, interactive guide contains specific steps you can take right now to develop healthy lifestyle habits. These steps are holistic and based on science. Just click in the pink box below.


And if you'd like to know about a more personalized approach to building healthy lifestyle habits, scroll down to learn about health coaching!

Click here to get my FREE guide "6 Steps To Build Healthy Habits Now!"

I got into health coaching after being frustrated in my practice as an ob/gyn physician. I didn’t have the right training or the time in 15 minute office visits to help women achieve the health and wellness they deserved. In searching for ways to better help women live healthy lifestyles, I came across health coaching. I became a certified integrative health coach through the Duke Integrative Medicine training program.


As a health coach I help women like you successfully develop healthy lifestyle habits that last. I help them eat healthier, exercise consistently, reduce stress and get good sleep. My program is holistic, based on science, and backed by my over 10 years of knowledge and experience from caring for women as an ob/gyn physician.


If you’ve ever considered a health coach or are curious to know more about health coaching, read on to get tips on what a health coach should do, and what you need to know to choose one.

What's a health coach?

A health coach is someone who partners with you in a structured, supportive way to help you achieve a satisfying and healthy lifestyleHealth coaching has been shown to help with weight loss, increasing physical activity, eating healthier, improving quality of life, and more. You can be coached effectively by phone, video chat, or in person.

how should health coaching work?

A high quality health coach uses innovative and practical strategies to help you take action for optimal health. She takes time to get to know you, and then helps you develop a plan that gets you the results you desire. The plan is not a cookie cutter approach; it fits into your unique life and is realistic for how you live.


A high quality health coach also guides you to establish specific, measurable goals for your health. She keeps you on track by holding you accountable for making forward progress, and helps you develop a system to ensure the results of your work last.


Lastly, a high quality health coach understands that you’re a whole person and your health is more than physical. Your health includes your emotions, relationships, professional life, and spirituality too.

how do i choose a health coach?

Anyone can say she’s a health coach. So it’s important that you make sure the coach you choose is actually qualified to help you.


Start with “what training has this person had to become a health coach?” Education programs vary tremendously and range from weekend online courses to months-long training. See if her training included an evaluation (written and/or oral) of her coaching skills. Ask whether the coach is certified and if so, what does that mean.


It’s important that you and your coach are a good fit. Does her approach to health align with you and your values? Find a coach that offers you a free consultation to help you decide if you’ll work well together.


Finally, be wary of any health coach that promises you a quick fix solution. There are no quick fixes to lasting, good health.

how can i learn more about health coaching?

The personalized guidance and support from a health coach may be what you need to achieve and sustain optimal health and well being.


Learn more about me and my personalized coaching program. And get started on the path to a healthy lifestyle by getting my free guide“6 Steps To Build Healthy Habits Now!”.

I wish you a life of being healthy and well!

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