Health Coaching Improves Quality of Life & Risk Factors for Heart Disease

Research Shows Health Coaching Works!

It’s not just me saying health coaching works – science says it does too! A 2003 study of patients with heart disease found that at 6 months, the health coaching participants’ cholesterol was on average 14 points lower. The health coaching group also had substantial improvement in most other risk factors for heart disease AND they had a better quality of life compared to those with usual care.

It was the best type of study there is – a randomized controlled trial, and there were nearly 800 patients included! I know a thing or two about research; I completed a 2 year research fellowship at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. So you can trust that I am giving you sound information.

Stay tuned…..I’ll be posting more studies about the benefits of health coaching. Research shows it helps menopausal women, those with diabetes, and more!

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